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10-26-2012, 02:36 PM
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Money maker or not, am I the only one who really doesn't care about the Winter Classic? Oooooh, they play outdoors! Yeah, it was cool 10 years ago when it was the Heritage Classic. It's really old already.

Whatever I guess. These idiots seem determined to completely tarnish everything associated with the sport and league. Hopefully more and more people are becoming fed up with it. The only way this **** will ever stop is when you hit their pockets. The fans can control that. But knowing the rabid NHL fan, you know they're going to be right there waiting when these dickheads finally figure it out. It's really a shame. All these greedy owners and players need to finally face the conseqences of dumping on the paying customer the way that they do.

Let this ***** go down in flames I say. No matter what they do this season, or how many games they may possibly save at this point, they ****ing RUINED it. I'd consider myself a super hardcore fan and I'm pretty much disgusted to a point where the NHL could never come back and I'd be okay with it. It's very difficult to invest tons of time and hard earned money into a product where nobody gives a **** about the customer. How can you get excited about your team or the sport under those circumstances?

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