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10-26-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Lucbourdon View Post
I am a bit "favoring" the owners, but the original proposal was trash and started this crap to begin with.
NFL settled at 47%. Everybody knows first offer is a wish list. PA should have acted more mature and counter-negotiated.

What the league has done is start low and go up at regular intervals. I just think 50% might actually be their red line (at least, without losing a season, which ****s everyone's red lines), and given the league's financials, that doesn't surprise me one bit. If you asked to to independently ballpark everything I've see regarding the NHL and other leagues, I would say the outcome for this league should be substantially less than 50%. They're backing off it now and there are grumblings some owners didn't like giving up that much.

What the players have done is try to rewrite the rules of math, even the NHL keeps telling them linkage is non-negotiable, to get more than I think their play earns for the league.

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