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Originally Posted by sXe
I disagree, even if you probably weren't serious.(Unless you give them an 18 yo female trainer, then it might work.)
They need structure and a training program for sure but they all need to be responsible and driven. You can't teach that and following them around making decisions for them won't help making them accountable for their actions.
It was indeed a matter of speaking.

I'm all for getting them accountable for their actions but there is got to be some other alternative than the darwinian system we have now.

We've got to have someone following our prospects to tell them what we need as a matter of development. Set objectives, make them work harder, break them if need be.

I'm not talking about a soviet system either, but our prospects need to feel they are part of an organisation greater then them who watches them and evaluates them and provide feedback. They need to feel that there is something bigger than themselves and that there are clear objectives to attain.

Right now I feel like we are putting them through a five year pipeline only to wonder what will come out once they insert them in the pro lineup.

Why couldn't we make Hainsey understand his ego problem and make him realize he need to work harder?

How come we did not know Beauchemin's potential?

He hasn't been in the organisation long enough?

You're going to tell me Anaheim's atmosphere has magical propreties? That he needed to be with Neidermeyer to show his stuff?

Of course not.

When he arrived in anaheim, Carlyle told him: "You're not in shape, unless you lose "xyz" pounds you wont get into the lineup".

Why did nobody in montreal though of that?

What does it means to our other prospects?

We already know we have no dedicated scout for quebec, do anyone really think that we have other guys than Timmins following our prospects?

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