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10-26-2012, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Z40 View Post
Why is Mrazek not playing in GR? He is clearly the most talented of our goalie prospects. May as well give him the experience at that level ASAP.
Like many, I suspect he'll be in GR before too long. I don't really have a problem with starting him in Toledo though. There's plenty of time for Mrazek's development, whereas Pearce and McCollum are near the end of the line. Gotta give them a final chance before we completely turn the page on them. One might say that Pearce has no upside anyway, so might as well move him to Toledo and bring up Mrazek, and that's a somewhat fair point. However, Pearce is the only veteran-type guy of the three; rolling with just McCollum and Mrazek in GR right off the bat lacks stability. Pearce is nothing special, but he can stand-in as a fallback option. I think starting out giving him the benfit of the doubt as a safe fallback is the right move. However, he has started out poorly, and if that continues, he'll have proven that he is not actually a safe fallback. At that point, down to Toledo with him, and up with Mrazek. Might happen in the next couple weeks, who knows.

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