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10-26-2012, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JanBulisPiggyBack View Post
I really wish they didn't start "bargaining" as the season approached. They continued to play and not negotiate in good faith last year and now the NHL is using that to their advantage. I think and I truly believe the best way to please everybody in this would be to just default on more year of the current agreement and figure it out while maintaining a regular season. Both player and owners make money, the previous agreement was enough to get both parties a piece of the pie, **** who gets the bigger piece. The fans would be happy cause right now we feel like absolute garbage

Once a new agreement is reached during the season and the new agreement can replace the old one, now or later and the season played so far can be compensated.

I hate these ******** lock outs
That is why we are here now. The players did not want to negotiate at all. Why would they when they get 57%. Start the season and the players hit 57% and refuse to negotiate during the season, more 12 year deals. Players then offer to have one more year at 57% while they negotiate again.

League realises it's just getting Charlie Browned. Then this time next year we are back here again. All you are doing is postponing the lockout one year.

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