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Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
There's still a major difference though. There are hundred thousands of people in this world that can make a 25k$ per year job, while NHL hockey players.. or any other major sports players are the best in the world.

I know you think you work as hard as a teacher than Sidney Crosby but really.. its not even comparable.. Unless you're the best of the best teacher in this world and has a nobel prize.. than ok, it could be fair comparaison.
Of course there is a difference. The difference is in salary and in the type of work being done. That playing hockey is physically harder than being a mall cop or many, if not most, other types of jobs is not something being argued. Whether or not someone can be the best in their chosen profession and still be deserving of respect and still be considered as hard working in the sense of how well that person does his/her job IS being argued.

You are damn right I work as hard at my job as Crosby. I start 5 days a week at 7:45 and end anywhere from 4:45-7:00 at night depending upon coaching, tutorials, detentions, Leadership program responsibilities, school dances, parent/teacher interviews, corrections, etc... I also work over the week-ends. I can not tell you if I am one of the best teachers in the world or not, but I definitely can tell you I am as hard working as any other person who cares about what they do as a professional, be they a teacher, police officer, mall cop, or sports figure. Hard work is not determined by your salary. Neither is your level of success. I am a proud teacher, love what I do, and could leave for more lucrative careers any time I so desire. I never have, and never will. Enough about me (nobody here cares, and that is the way it should be). I just want respect for we "Joe Blows" when people are talking about how hard working players are. So, to reiterate, "yes", I work as hard as Crosby...if not harder.

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