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10-26-2012, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
I'd vote Markham.. but it says i'm not allowed to vote on this poll ???

must have been set up by a Hamilton backer !!!

of course. like us hamilton backers are gonna leave anything to chance now. its a cut-throat game to get the next franchise. and quebec? don't think we have forgotten about you and your old arena compared to our slightly less old arena. hamilton has its nhl eye on you too and your assumed position of dominance in this race. hehe

re: buses. yes, of course there are buses and yes, they do get from A to B. but others have better addressed the point i was trying to make. most people wont take buses. not in hamilton. kids, students, sure. but not families or coworkers going to the game. and honestly, im not even sure why i was even making that point other than maybe just to b**ch about my daily struggle with stupid hammer roads and drivers ... and traffic light sensors that just dont work, and ya gotta wait for 3 minutes, then get out of your car and push the walk button, and then get back in too late for the crazy woman in the car behind ya who thinks her morse code horn blasts are lovely, and then my transponder doesnt work entering my lot so i have to buzz security, and really, who memorizes the 16 digit ID printed on the back of their transponder ...

... sorry, its the hockey withdrawl talking ...

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