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10-26-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
TNSE doesn't just get revenue from tickets. They own the dang building and get revenue from not just HRR. MTS Centre is still one of the busiest buildings in North America. And I'm sure the Jets made a **** load of money from their Jets store this year. I personally spent a grand in that store over the past year. Jets get all the profits from that store. None of it goes back to the NHL.
Strictly speaking, that is not true. In order to sell anything with an NHL logo on it, Jets store must pay a licensing fee to the NHL, same as River City, etc. Now of course, Jets receive 1/30th of the money back, since that's what they receive from the league for the merchandising rights. The difference is that the Jets get to keep the mark up of the store, so the mark up (store profits) is all theirs. So, they do have to share the merchandising part of the money from Jets Gear, same as selling at River City or anywhere else.

I am not concerned AT ALL about the wait list moving so far. Things happen, and I would wager alot of that movement is actually people dropping off the wait list rather than dropping tickets. But I also knew that this year there would be huge amount of movement, last year everything happened so fast that you had chaos for creating groups and everything, I figured many groups would fall apart and give their tickets up. I expect way way less movement in future years, at very least until the agreement's start to expire.

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