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10-26-2012, 04:56 PM
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Conspiracy Theory

Bettman may be one sneaky *******.

Re. The Phoenix Coyotes.

Would Bettman have had the balls, and the foresight to actually have made a smart decision regarding the coyotes.

Could it be he saved them time and time again, for the sole purpose of this lockout?

The Pheonix Coyotes routinely lose 25m+ a year. This decreases the total amount of HRR does it not? Especially compared to what a Quebec City team could rake in. This is likely a 40m swing.

By lowering the HRR he is making it seem as though the owners are getting less money and need a higher % of the HRR to break even. However i see it as very likely that the only reason he's fought touth and nail to save them is so that when the players and owners are at 50/50 the Coyotes move and the owners make alot more then they would of pre lockout.

To me the 4 conferance alignment was a dead giveaway. He purposely left two conferances short. And with the rumours of a Seattle team and a 2nd Toronto team, that means theyd be 1 to many west teams. Boom Phoenix to Quebec. Boom. Even.
Also waiting post lockout to expand to these cities rakes in alot more money for the owners.

tl;dr : bettman saved the coyotes prelockout only to move them postlockout to get the owners more money.


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