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10-26-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ultra63 View Post "Barry Melrose is the current face/mouthpiece for the NHL on ESPN right now.

How he managed to garner such a choice gig at the worldwide leader in sports is beyond me.

Melrose's resume looks like this: 300 NHL games, 33 points and 728 penalty minutes. The coaching record is this: 225 games coach and 84 wins. That's a .373 winning percentage.

He's a pundit, for sure.

Melrose's claim to fame is his mullet, and the coincidence that he happened to be coaching the Los Angeles Kings when Wayne Gretzky carried them to the Stanley Cup Final in 1993.

His true value to the NHL community is reflected by the fact that the one job offer to coach since he was canned in 1995 was from a desperate Tampa Bay franchise.

That job lasted for about 10 minutes before he was invited to leave.

The clip above shows Melrose's classy parting shots to the Tampa Bay organization."

A well deserved honor for our ex coach.
Meh. He's taken to the Kings, and they fired him too.

I also think Dany Heatley might have been a candidate, but he seems to have matured.

Milbury also feels like an odd candidate as well. Most of his arrogance over the past few years seems like an act compared to how he was in the years prior. Maybe he loosened up, or maybe the obvious try-out NBC and the NHL were doing to find a Don Cherry-type who could pander to Americans settled on him. Both of which are doing an act, but only one of which insults me (via my team) on basic cable.

What NBC fails to understand is that we want Community back on the air. errm...let me try again. What NBC fails to understand is that Grapes is basically the sideshow on HNIC. Nobody on HNIC fawns over Grapes the way the NBC broadcasters do to build Milbury up.

Grapes also doesn't seem like he sold his soul, while with Milbury it does.

but it's the Bleacher Report, so whatevs.

But whoever wrote it can go **** themselves for putting Shanny on the list.

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