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10-26-2012, 05:40 PM
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Because franchise values have grown at a rate higher than the stock market.

Because it still pays the players better than any other league despite the work stoppages.

Because even in a canceled season when no one is playing, its still more interesting than watching football spend 4 hours to play 3 and half hours of commercials.

Because when this things blow over in a year +/-, a lot of this may just be looked at as growing pains or stupid hickups on the road to a more stable league in the long term.

See ya NHL - I gurantee a better option will appear for these players and the best players in the world will be playing in a league other than the one we know as NHL.
Sounds to me like you are having an emotional breakdown and can't see clearly. I guess I'll screenshot this and post it again when this ends so future generations can be less short-sighted.

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