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10-26-2012, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Highly doubt it.

If we were turning this into some pro NHLPA thing (and that's certainly not my intention as there is plenty of blame to go around regarding the state of negotiations), maybe. Even then, the reality of the ASG is that it is a cherry for the franchise owners in the city that gets it--Bettman gave the game to Columbus in part to help the owners through difficult financial times and he's going to come back to Columbus in 2014 regardless of whether some fans band together to put on a charity game.

Beyond that, a game would be free advertising for the sport of hockey in a time when it is otherwise getting zero attention.
Two things:

1. Would love to be able to see some sort of charity game to attend.

2. We probably won't get the ASG back till 15/16. 2014 will be taken up with the Olympics and after the past two lockouts, it's taken 2 seasons for the team that lost the ASG to get it back so maybe they've already decided on 2015's host city? If not, still won't be for two more years.

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