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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
That would make sense if they were even willing to meet with the PA on those issues... they're not.
The NHL was unwilling to meet because the PA was unwilling to negotiate economic issues within the framework of the league's offer, which happens to be the same framework under which the existing CBA was structured. This is the only part of the deal that matters. Why would the NHL give the PA its carrot before getting the main course settled?

In fact, the PA didn't even bother to address contract rights in its offers. It doesn't seem to be concerned much with them in any case.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Why is cap circumvention a player problem? If the league has issues with how their teams are working contracts the problem needs to be fixed on their end, not the players.
Cap loopholes are a CBA system issue, and the CBA must be designed in concert with the players. Therefore it is an issue that involves the PA. And as I outlined above, addressing it is in the interests of the vast majority of players under a linked HRR/escrow system. Judging by Fehr's bargaining thus far, escaping that system is the PA's primary objective.

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