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10-26-2012, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
What track record is there for Burke mortgaging the future for the present? He's said time and time again, making decisions that benefit the club and decisions that protect the GM are mutually exclusive and if you start making the latter they'll just cost you your job anyways.

- See heres the thing Burkes job IS in jeporday currently, he has been here nearly 4 years, very little progress and we are STILL a lottery team. Heck, even Burke publicly admitted that he so far has failed here, don't believe me? Then go look at a previous clip of "off the record" and you'll see what I mean. Burke needs to turn this team around, sorry but its been nearly 10 years since we've made the playoffs, something drastic needs to happen to turn this team around.

Gillis has no outs. If he sits on Luongo till the deadline, he won't get anything for Lu, who'll have sat out half the season and will be rusty, as I doubt they use him over Schneider.

Publicly, Luongo did all the right things, and didn't let it come out that he wanted to relocate. If Gillis still has Luongo on his roster when the season starts, that's a huge gaff and Gillis will get burned by it.

- Agreed, Luongo has been classy about it and hasn't whined to the media, he's stayed professional about this whole situation.

Burke won't be unfair in the trade, he'll give Gillis a fair offer, but fair offer is not Frattin+Gardiner+Kulemin+1st.
- Nobody has said that was the package, but it will cost something like a Kadri or a Kulemin (someone who is ready now), a salary dump (Komiserak or Lombardi) and a 2nd rounder, that will likely be the type of package beign sent the other way for Luo IF a trade even happens.

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