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10-26-2012, 06:00 PM
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U.S. computer models have been stuck on a direct hit to long island for the last 24 hours. A totally amazing confluence of events as it really appears as if sandy has nowhere to go but right on top of us. A blocking system to the east and an amplifying trough to the west leave little doubt as to its course. As it moves north it will meander over the far west atlantic and then be completely enveloped/enhanced/transitioned!? (i dont even know what to call it exactly) into a raging nor'easter/hurricane hybrid. the NAM and GFS have progged a 950mb low near long island....this rivals in intensity to The Storm of the Century back in 1993? and every major blizzard since. Combine that with its tropical's just a crazy scenario.

Bottom line, things will deteoriate during the day on monday, by monday evening, the core of the storm will begin to dump exceptionally heavy rains across the area as winds pick up to near 50mph sustained, gusting over 65mph. A persistant onshore flow will pile water on the coast, rivaling, or exceeding what Irene did....and leave laden trees could easily snap in the winds, causing extensive power outages.

Prepare but do not panic. Plan for the worst (being without power for a week or more) but hope for the best (a stormy rainy night that is more bark then bite)...

-Have non perishable food, potable water, batteries, lights, gas up the car and have CASH on hand and necessary medicines. Prepare and this wont be a problem, even if the worst hits.

Do NOT evacuate unless told to do so. The roads are clogged enough as is.

Stay safe all and hope it somehow misses us....

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