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10-26-2012, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Goat Boy View Post
I'll go even further: I'd like to hear an example of witty, stimulating, younger crowd friendly names currently being used by a sports franchise that are not completely kitsch. I'll sorry, but if this is going to be a professional franchise, it should have a professional name. Even the "Senators" isn't witty, stimulating, or younger crowd friendly, yet it's perfect and we all love it.

Yeah. Bunch of morons, really. I love how even a simple comment like "visit the Facebook page to see the other logo" is intemperately and unabashedly down-voted. What a bunch of stuck-ups. Jerk, don't let people's reactions get to you. They're idiots, and besides, you can never please everyone. It's great work.
Hehe working in design, you learn not to take criticism personally Also, everyone's entitled to their opinion, and re: article comments, people who don't like stuff are more prone to leaving negative feedback than those who like it. That's just a fact, so I'm not worried at all. That poll looks pretty good though

Also, might be making a limited edition run of New Era snapbacks to create more buzz. Norml has agreed to have them in store so I'll keep you all posted

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