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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Lol that will be funny.

The media: "Sooooo TO, whatdayathink?" "Any input Reimer?"

As an aside: I'd like to get a sense of what people actually think Kadri will become? Is he an NHLer?

People have remarked that AV will not allow Kadri to play here, but let's look a little deeper. In his short stint in the NHL, Kadri posted "good" possession numbers (Bozak article by Cam C), although the sample was quite small... In the AHL, he has had two PPG~ seasons, but could that be a product of a good Marlies team? Still, all throughout they have questioned his defense/attitude/worth ethic... He remains a gamble.

Saying all this, does he make for a better risk to take than either Bozak or Colborne? I can't imagine Carlyle to be that different than AV, so he's in tough either way -- But maybe this makes him a better "buy low" option than Bozak?

I look at the age of the Sedins, and the future of the Canucks and I wonder if taking on risky players like Kadri isn't worth the stretch? Sure, he lacks many things. He might not even establish a career. But if he does... You've just found a rare top6 addition, and the fact that you can push him to wing makes it even better. Could AV mold this guy into a player? Or would he struggle too much here and become a liability?

One thing is for sure, if he ever puts it together, you are not getting a player like this without paying a heavy price.
I keep going back and forth on Kadri. After watching a few Marlies games, I think AV will eat him alive. Realistically, he's David Booth when he first came to Van. Their defensive shortcomings and risky plays entering the o-zone were near identical. David Booth was 27 and he managed to 'buy in' to AV's system and turn things around. Kadri is 22, theoretically easier to mold, I think he could be taught.

Unlike in Tor, Van can flank him with a glutton of strong 2-way wingers and solid defensemen. They did the same with Hodgy, but Kadri has an added luxury of being able to play wing.

The work ethic/nutrition situation could be comparable to Kassian. Gillis said 'he's young, he's still learning', then they sent him touring N. America last summer to train. Look at him now, he's lost weight, gained strength and a full stride.

Despite what many people believe, AV has a good track record developing players and young guys. I think he could work in Van.

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