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10-26-2012, 06:28 PM
Gert B Frobe
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I truly do not understand the financial ins and outs of this lockout and I do not know who is right or wrong. However - I am certain that a lost season is bad for both sides. I like to think that I'm good at reading people - and though I've never met Gary Bettman - I've seen him behave like a petulant, vindictive little turd on TV.

So I'm on the side of the players. It's not exactly a scientific way of deciding but my God - I've read some posts from the most arrogant little windbags on this site - and I like my method a lot better. Two pages and I think I've added 5 to my ignore list. At least.

I'm not saying who is right and who is wrong or who the arrogant windbags are on here - but I'm sure the reasonable members of this forum know who I'm talking about.

This lockout sucks on so many levels.

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