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10-26-2012, 07:28 PM
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Lockout logic question that is non Tea Party.

This scenario looks to be playing out:

Player makes $4MM a year X 4 years = $16 million

Offered 20% roll back and an 82 game schedule

$16 million 20% = $12,800,000

Player sees $3.2M in loss.

Players Decline the above offer and win but at the cot of the season - 50/50 with no rollback.

Player Y loses entire season and 1 year of contract

Player makes $12M and sees $4.0M in loss and grows one year older.
So essentially he trades 800K for one year of not playing.

Not to mention that league revenues will go way down so salary cap goes even further down and your next contract is lower.

So my question is why are the players listening to Fehr? He is gambling with their money and by not settling they lose out?

On a personal level I am amazed that the NHLPA players are willing to sacrifice so much of their own money to build a system that many of them wont likely ever see the the benefit from.
A year lost for a player is like 10 years for an average person when you realize how short their careers are.

What am I missing?

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