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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post

The issue isn't even 50/50, the issue is revenue distribution for struggling teams and honoring signed contracts.
Revenue distribution has zero to do with what the players are trying to get. Regardless of what they would like to tell you. So there goes that.

Honoring signed contracts...again they are honored based on CBA. That is professional sports. Deal with it. They are good for the life of a CBA and are changed based on the CBA that takes its place. Thats the fight right now, they want the same language in the CBA for their contracts. But lets look for just one second. The NHL offer basically said they would honor those contracts, minus about 2-5% of value. 2-5%. Think about that for a second. 98M instead of 100M. The players are tweeting their Ferraris and laughing about them being loud but wont play for a dollar less then the millions they already make. Give me a break.

Revenue sharing and distribution does need to be addressed. But thats really an issue that the team execs need to take care of with their side of the revenue. It has nothing to do with the players side of the revenue.

The players will NOT win this war. They wont do anything but lose millions of dollars, and years on their careers. Why do you think St Louis is so pissed off? Because he is close to his swan song and hes having another season wasted to this ********.

The NHLPA should have tweaked the NHL offer to change the UFA, ELC, etc things a little more back in their favor, maybe, maybe asked for 51/49 for the first couple of years or something and signed the damn deal. That deal was the fairest proposal brought to the table by either camp by far.

But no, Fehr is a ****ing idiot who wants the world because he doesnt give two ***** about the actual game of hockey and its fans.

I could go on forever, but I digress. This should have been over with. The NHLPA is the one who stopped it from being so with their idiocy on delinked HRR among other things.

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