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10-26-2012, 07:00 PM
Troy McClure
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I disagree. I see all of the clinging to North Stars colors as an insecure fan base trying to glom on to a history that wasn't theirs.

It's odd. Teams move all the time, and it's very rare for fans to be so concerned with how things were done in another city.

I hope they go back to a dark green color because I think it looks great. I don't give a crap about Minnesota. Why should I? This team is the Dallas Stars. The North Stars died in 1993. That team has been replaced with the Wild.

Do the Texas Rangers care what the Washington Senators wore or used as logos? Do the Winnipeg Jets care what happened in Atlanta? Do the Hurricanes care what happened in Hartford? Do the Devils care what happened in Denver? Of course not.

In a lot of ways, Norm Green being too cheap to change the name or jerseys after the move was a curse because it forever has locked this team into a sad rejected stepchild relationship with its Minnesota history.

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