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10-26-2012, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Players off the ice are just the same as on the ice. They want to win at everything. And I get the impression a lot of them see the owners as people who don't put in the work that they put in to make whatever they can get out of the whole deal. Which is their prerogative just as it is the owners to tell them that they don't deserve any more than they've offered.

This is absolutely incorrect and with regards to a majority of the rest, sorry, you couldn't be more wrong about a lot of that. I am strictly speaking with regard to the anti-union rhetoric here. The players take risks of being injured by lunatics that for some reason the NHL front office protect rather than throw them out of the league (the union is also implicit in this because they help them do that). The majority of players also forgo educational opportunities to pursue their dream, but when it's over they have to go work back in their home town, dealing with all the injuries they've taken, with a 9 to 5 job just like the rest of us. I understand that the players are greedy but I don't know if I would be much different in their shoes. You have to get what you can while you can get it and this applies most to the rank and file, who aren't cashing 7 or 8 million dollar checks per year. Unions are a good thing for regular people and that applies to the majority of the players involved here as well. Their union has done a lot of good for them, it's hard to fault them for loyalty. But this is absolutely ridiculous.

I am extremely bitter and disgusted about this whole thing, frankly I don't know how enthusiastic I'll be whenever there is a season. A pin it all on one side viewpoint doesn't do it for me. I couldn't care less who makes what, but I think it would serve all of us to know what profits are actually out there to be had, and what the revenues really are. Opening up the books would do us all a service and help us to understand all this.

At this point though, of course revenues are going to go down and probably stay down, so the PA needs to dial back their expectations. There are no rule change gimmicks to help hockey out of the mess that has been created this time.
Bigger nets and smaller goalie pads and someone will be breaking all of Gretzky's single season records in no time.

What? Worked for baseball, and the players don't even have to get juiced.

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