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10-26-2012, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
3000km is extreme exaggeration in a modern car using synthetic. 5000km is an exaggeration already, and totally not necessary. Am I an expert? Nope, but I'm someone who's actively researched this subject and has enough testimonies from friends in the auto mechanics business to know. I change mine whenever it's convenient beyond 8000km, usually somewhere around 10000, though I could go more and still be completely OK, even for longevity. There is some difference between vehicles, and obviously what I'm saying applies to newer cars using synthetic. A few links to help people in this thread:


Most useful of all:

See, for my 2007 VW GTI it recommends 5000 miles, which is 8000 kms. VW reps themselves have told me I can comfortably go beyond that without any issue now, or in the future. For my gf's 2005 Civic the number is 10000. Obviously conditions will affect this, such as what type of driving you do normally, and in what weather. City driving in Winter here in Quebec should be treated differently than, say, Summer driving in the suburbs. I'll change more frequently in Winter, and definitely once right before the cold hits, and once as it starts getting warmer. I just know a bunch of you are gonna argue this no matter what proof I post. Please don't bother. Let those who want to benefit from the info do so, and feel free to continue spending your money and knowing the truth as you see fit.
In a dodge intrepid 2.7L, synthetic and oil change every 3000km is pretty much madatory unelss u want your engine sludged up.

My DD is a highly modded Regal GS 2002, I do 3000km changes on it, knowing I could easily go to 5000km+ as this engine is bulletproof, but, I don't care, it's a good investment anyway you look at it.

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