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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
1. No, it's not. If that was the mindset, we wouldn't have tons of teams right now. Nor we would have the Jets return.
2. A period of financial instability in the country is not the time to make that judgement.
3. Phoenix is a huge market. 4.2 million+ people in its Metro area. 12th largest in the U.S. It is an important place to try and establish themselves in.
4. Even if it was true, it is irrelevant. There is no guarantee the alternatives are better, and it would cost the league significant expansion profits.
which markets are the NHL in that have failed for 16 years then suddenly started to work in ?

a period of instability? this team has never made a dime.

it may be a big market, but as a hockey market it's a ghost town

not to worry the league will expand then relocate the coyotes to seattle. so rest assured, they will drain every possible expansion dollar.

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