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10-26-2012, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
More stupidity from another baby:

Patrick Marleau on Friday's NHL news: "The league had these games canceled already in the summer. They are just releasing that info now."
I really don't get why the players are bothering opening their mouths. They're making themselves look horrible. Some of the things they are saying is beyond ridiculous petty and pathetic. The issue is they have clearly taken this thing personal and not just as what it is, business. Best of all is they are constantly talking to the media but then claim the league is using the media to gain favor? Pot meet kettle.

While the public opinion won't mean anything in terms of solving the current CBA it will mean something when the games return. People will remember how these players who make millions of dollars to play a game went on about being treated like animals and being used and how the NHL was out to get them and it will drive many of the newer fans away.

Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post

Jeremy Jacobs has a net worth of 2.7BILLION dollars!
He sure needs more money in his pocket!!!

Maybe the owners should help out the owners, instead of the players helping out the owners.
So what, many players make millions in endorsements and other areas so should they not be allowed to make money too?

Your arguments show you have no real knowledge of the situation.

The owners are helping other owners, it's called profit sharing, it's being done. But why should the owners be the only ones to foot any kind of a bill.

If Tampa is losing money why should just the owners of the Bruins, Leafs and Rangers be affected but not the players on the Lighting who get paid by them?

Yes owners are partly responsible but so are the players and for the players to act like and negotiate like they had no doing in some of these teams issues is ridiculous.

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