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10-26-2012, 08:05 PM
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Started owners, still owners. Players make more than what they deserve, they make more than what the market demands and that is all because with the previous CBA and the growth of the league, the players had the owners by the balls. Owners carry all the risk in this, they fork out tons of money to make the players lives comfortable not only through salary but through top notch facilities, doctors, transportation, etc. The long term health of the game is a big deal, and with the way things are now, there won't be an NHL in 10 years because every team but 10 will have to fold. Moving franchises won't matter, the best secondary markets the US has to offer are failing to make profits. Seattle? That's a joke, that market is just like Phoenix, a team will fail their as well. Kansas City? NHL could work there I'd bet, but outside of that city I don't think there are too many cities where the NHL would work in the US. The owners will win this battle because they can simply cancel seasons and instead of losing 20m they only lose the cost of there contracted staff. I'm proud of my Jacket's players though, not one of them has stepped out of line and presented themselves to be a jackass like other players such as Toews, Barch, etc.

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