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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
which markets are the NHL in that have failed for 16 years then suddenly started to work in ?

a period of instability? this team has never made a dime.

it may be a big market, but as a hockey market it's a ghost town

not to worry the league will expand then relocate the coyotes to seattle. so rest assured, they will drain every possible expansion dollar.
Some of the most stable and higher-earning teams now went through intense periods of instability.

Before the period of financial instability in the entire U.S., Phoenix sucked. Of course they didn't make a ton of money.

You don't just expand to a place and get instant hockey fans. It takes time to build a foundation. Sometimes a generation.

Maybe hockey in Pheonix won't work, but the league does not throw away all of their work unless it is absolutely the last resort. You should be thankful, because that mentality likely either created your team, will save your team at some point in the future, or has saved it in the past.

And either way, the main point is, this was not solely an owner decision. Both the owners and the players wanted expansion into places like this, and in fact, one of the main PA player reps was a major voice for keeping the team in Phoenix.

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