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10-26-2012, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by selyar View Post
here's my company's take on the storm:

If circumstances lead to office closure (severe weather, civil disturbance, etc.,), a message will be placed on our Emergency Message Mailbox indicating that the office is closed. Information related to anticipated opening date/time will also be provided in the message.

In the case of severe weather and the office remains open, employees who may find it difficult to travel to the office are encouraged to utilize PTO or arrange alternative flex time or work schedules with their supervisors.

they are notorious for keeping the office open (even if NJ has declared a state of emergency!! true story.) so that last line makes me laugh. they just force everyone to use vacation time no matter what.
I've been getting the updates from the Point Boro school district - the same one that was open during the '91 storm.

For my job, I'm so glad we are just about done with our datacenter migration, 90 percent of our **** is out of downtown manhattan and safely tucked away in the hills of northwest jersey. No worries about storm surge flooding the lower half of the island and ****ing up every telco switch in the area.

We've got this insane alert system up though to our house phone, personal emails, text messages, you name it, to send status calls out. I'm sure I'll be on conference calls like a madman next week.

It's a lot more fun when you do this **** remotely though - I used to be our DR Coordinator for branch sites, I forget what year it was, '06 maybe, we had a million ****ing hurricanes, I was closing up all of our southern branches every other weekend. Best was when I had to walk the folks in West Palm Beach on shutting down the PBX. "Okay open up the panel that says Alcatel on it, you'll see a a large switch on the right for battery, another large switch with a panel on it , I'll walk you through the system back up process in a minute, then there's another large switch which is the main power..CLICK" She flipped it and left.

Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
what the cool kids will want this christmas;

looks amazingly similar to an iphone, apple will seek injunction for sure.

Holy ****, **** the household **** like a chainsaw and transfer switch, that's goin on my list.

Originally Posted by JerseyGuy276 View Post
Just went and filled up two of our cars. Opted to deal with paying 20 cents more a gallon instead of waiting 40 minutes per car to fill up.
****, where at? I gotta get my tanks filled up for the generator.

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