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10-26-2012, 08:13 PM
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Calling all legal and math\money folk

My idea is to put together a CBA proposal. I believe that on this forum we have enough people with varying work backgrounds to do so. I need people willing to say I have done X before and I can help.

I know with my PR and public speaking I can get an audience with the PA and NHL. I can get this done(I could use help if anyone has experience) what I can't do is put together a real CBA framework, I have zero experience with this.

You need to understand that the NHL is unlike any business you have ever worked for or owned. For example if I had a hamburger joint and I went to McDonald's and said: "It is not fair that you can buy your product in mega bulk amounts to get prices far better then mine, I want you to give me $1K every month to make up for that(profit sharing)." For this maybe someone that has market(s&p 500, ect)knowledge. It is well known that the NHL is 30 competing business acting as one or just how the business model itself will lead to inflated player contracts but that is not all. We need to figure out the real problems with the NHL and address them in away that both sides will not hate and will see the logic in.

If your pro-PA/owners then you need to keep that out and just be pro-hockey.
To keep it organized maybe if you think of a problem then start a new thread, get ideas for said problem then keep in your opening message updates on that problem.
To the mods if this takes off could we have a locked thread that only updates with finished topics/articles for the CBA? Also whatever you(mods) think is the best way for this not to be a nonsensical thread, please note it.

If you can just respond with what you can do, contracts/contract law, numbers/accounting, ect... So we can group people by skill.

We can continue to debate what will happen or we can work together and get something done.

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