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10-26-2012, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by manilaNJ View Post
I think if this finally gets through to the owners/league... we might see a turning point.
I was saying this the other day, and I still stand behind it.

If the owners want the players to make contractual and salary concessions... they're going to have to throw an incentive in there. No matter how half assed.
I don't know what it is, I don't know what the owners are willing to give up... but they have to dangle that carrot to get the players to meet them halfway.

With Fehr leading the way, if there is not even the most minute sense of victory in even the remotest areas of negotiations, nothing is getting agreed upon any time fast.

That is the biggest onus that I put upon the owners at this moment.
The players are going to get gutted and they know it, but after 04-05... they need something.
You could say that's on the players to find... but after last week, I don't think the players trust the owners to read more than 2 words of anything they put down on the table.
The only way this will get through is when there are empty seats all around the league (and for an extended period of time) once they "decide" to hammer somthing out. But I don't trust the fans of this sport. ****, I don't even trust myself! But it has to be done. You want these pigs to stop fighting over money? Don't give it to them. It's pretty simple. The message will get across once you threaten their pockets. I mean it's on full display right now. It's the only way. And I'd like to think there are a lot more who feel this way. NHL fans tend to be pretty loyal and I just hope that it blows up in all of their faces for taking those very people for granted.

As far as the players getting something, they also need to realize that the last CBA really worked out in their favor. Big time. And that was a battle they technically lost at the time! I know it's not easy to know they're going to have to give back, but they need to have perspective as well and realize the point in which they're giving back from.

It's very difficult to trust the owners. I know I wouldn't, but the NHLPA also has to know when to pick their battles. Not negotiating last year and waiting until after September to finally do so was a big mistake. Now working with the last offer from the NHL was a big mistake. And they're a ******** union to boot. Some union you have when there are members cashing in their signing bonuses or making money in Europe. It's a joke.

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