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05-15-2006, 08:03 PM
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I'm not a big fan of my theory but.. let's go

Ok, let's start with Ryder. In my pov, he won't be a 35 goal scorer. Higgins has the potential to be a 30 goal scorer with grit. Perezhogin can be a 30 goal scorer with blazing speed. Ryder is just a scorer, and Koivu isn't able to put Ryder in the "big time threat" level. However, Higgins and Perez can put the same amount of points with more to offer in term of "overall players" : Higgins with his grit , Perez with his speed and agility. Ryder can't play with Kovalev : both of them want to play RW. Perez and Higgins are bet suited with top 6 ice-time. So, Perez and Higgins can be the top 2 LW, and now we have Kovalev at RW and Koivu in C. Yes, only Koivu, because the won't let Ribeiro the second line duty anymore. He can't play with Kovalev : they both want the puck, they both want to prepare plays. And this is the reason I can let Kovalev and Koivu play together too.

Higgins - Koivu - X
Perezhogin - X - Kovalev

Now we have, in both lines, a playmaker and a gut who can score. Let's go after complete players.

Everyone knows that Abby won't come back next year, with a 2M contract. Ryder's contract will stay around 1,5 to 2 M. Why not pack them in a trade? Ryder has a good trade value, and Abby can be a good 1st goaltender, better than Grahame? They have to sign Brad Richards, but they gave big time money to St.Louis and Lecavalier. St.Louis had a bad season and he's 5 years older than Lecavalier. I'm not a fan of St.Louis, but he's a "proven" RW and he's from QC. We have cap space. So why not? Abby + Ryder for St.Louis. Ryder, I think, can blossom playing with Richard who is one of the beat playmakers in the league... and they get a goaltender. T.B. will get younger, and the corps of the team will have between 26 and 30 years old. St.Louis, a guy from QC, with experience, can really help the Habs, giving them a big energy top line with Koivu, Higgins, and St.Louis.

Higgins - Koivu - St.Louis

I won't talk about getting Arnott, but Gainey and Carbo know him, he's big, righty, and in top of that, fits in a second line role between a playmaker in Kovalev and a speed scorer in Perezhogin. We have the cash..

Perez - Arnott - Kovalev

Now, get rid of Bonk. Go get a gritty s.o.b.: Donovan. SPEED SPEED SPEED.

Zednik - Plekanec - Donovan

Get rid of Sundstrum : go after Marc Chouinard (another QC guy) having Murray and Begin at his sides.

Murray - Chouinard - Begin

Give Latendresse a full year in Hamilton, and Kost, well, just wait.

Our D is Ok.. and Danis can start at the backup goalie spot.

What do u think?

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