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10-26-2012, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by doubleminor138 View Post
I do not believe for a minute that the new wave of bloggers are "working harder than" KPD "ever had to". I might appreciate how much easier it is to gain access to hockey players who are willing and able to say whatever they want to...but I find it hard to push aside guys who busted ass getting to where they are just because there's a slick and easy medium to usurp their hard work in the form of fast reporting.

Easy to swing bats now that things have progressed to the world of instant media, but there was a long hard road getting her that others had to traverse. Its far to easy nowadays to forget that.

Also, I am drinking some whiskey so...
Guys like Dupont have the exact same access to that slick and easy medium. The Globe, and every other newspaper on the planet, has a website, and they also have access to Twitter. As I noted previously, the medium is nothing more than a tool; it doesn't usurp hard work.

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