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Originally Posted by Kirk- NEHJ View Post
Well said. I remember Mike Brophy of THN telling me he spent 10 years riding buses in the OHL (OHA at the time) covering jr. hockey before he ever got access to his first NHL dressing room.

And since Gonzo weighed in, I figure I shall as well...

Kevin Paul Dupont is a friend and mentor, so you'll have to take my remarks with the proverbial grain of salt.

Dupes has been nothing if entertaining over the years. You don't have to like his positions, but I don't get the vitriol, the derision, the disdain for the man. I get the feeling if you sat next to him at Ristuccia during a Bruins training camp session, you'd enjoy the experience and come away with a completely different opinion of him. Of course- that's life and the internet.

But as for Dupes and his accomplishments as a sports writer- I can remember charging out the door to get my hands on the Globe as a boy to read him as Bruins beat writer and later as a columnist. Certainly didn't agree with everything he wrote over the years, but man-- the guy could write! A glorious piece he penned on Mark Recchi a few years back reminded me that although he may have lost a few MPH off the fastball, the old man can still locate pretty well.

And when I finally got the chance to meet him for the 1st time on the way to an NHL draft about 10 or so years ago- we shared a flight- and then a taxi from airport to hotel and back again- he treated me with absolute grace and respect then and that continues to this day. And I was one of those "vile" bloggers you read about. So really, it isn't about petty jealousy and bitterness as much as people would like to paint him as some kind of bogeyman of the traditional media. I think that his sarcasm does get the better of him at times, but others play into that by being hypersensitive and just looking for things to take issue with.

As the great philosophizer Ilya "Bryz" Bryzgalov once said... "Why you heff to be mad? He's good guy..."

Off the soapbox now...
Perhaps it's because vitriol, derision and disdain are what come across in his writing?

Funny that you should mention a piece he did on Recchi, as Recchi is one of the few players in the past few years that Dupont hasn't trashed at one time or another. It's gotten worse than tiresome. "Too much Sunrise," anyone?

The best example of Dupont's attitude was a piece he wrote a few years back about his most memorable experience as a writer. He didn't write about a great game or a fantastic performance, but about Harry Sinden rampaging through the old Garden on his way to send some poor cowering schmoe to hockey Siberia. That was his most memorable experience?

Granted, serious, sad stuff happens, but bottom line, sports is supposed to be fun. I get that sense of joy from writers like Leigh Montville, or Joe Posnanski. I don't get it from Dupont - from him I get sourness and snark and Hey you kids get off my lawn. So I don't bother reading anymore.

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