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10-26-2012, 09:24 PM
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I think the effectiveness of the rule is dependent on how you look at it. The rule has reduced the "staged" fights, if you wish to call them that, but it has created more scrums after the whistle. Guys trying to goad each other into dropping the gloves. While fighting totals are down, that doesn't necessarily make for a better product. I would rather see two guys push, shove, and drop them, rather than push, shove, and slash each other. I have seen many guys grab on and wrestle around with the sticks until the linesmen separate them. That shouldn't be needed. Drop the gloves and move on.

Yes, the staged fights are reduced, but not every "staged" fight is done for no reason at all. I've said this before and I'll say it again; not every "staged" fight has no point. I've personally seen fights that have to do with the professional ranks. There could also be plenty of emotion involved, which carries over into a following period. That's not a pointless fight.

While the totals are down, you're still getting injuries and cheap shots. I can understand why the league went down to 10 fights, but perhaps a 15-fight rule would be more easily managed. Instead, with the 10-fight rule, you're getting guys who are hesitant about jumping into a situation to defend someone, or themselves. That shouldn't be.

One way the league could have gone is listen to how the players are discussing fights before they happen. If it's clear there's a reason for a fight, such as a bad hit or something from a previous game, 5 each and that's it. However, if they say "feel like going?" or something similar, give 'em 5/GM each, like they do in the pre-season.

The league has taken a very strict, steep stance on the whole situation and, while I respect the reasons for it, some leniency to find that happy ground should be allowed.

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