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10-26-2012, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
In a dodge intrepid 2.7L, synthetic and oil change every 3000km is pretty much madatory unelss u want your engine sludged up.

My DD is a highly modded Regal GS 2002, I do 3000km changes on it, knowing I could easily go to 5000km+ as this engine is bulletproof, but, I don't care, it's a good investment anyway you look at it.
i owned a 2.7L Intrepid. Gave it away for a Tim's coffee after the second engine went. You could change the engine oil daily and it would have been the same piece of engineered garbage.

What's your age group . After all these years of driving I have known Regal owners to be just above Buick Century owners as most likely to be above 60 years old. i.e most likely to respect car maintenance.

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