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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Perhaps it's because vitriol, derision and disdain are what come across in his writing?

Funny that you should mention a piece he did on Recchi, as Recchi is one of the few players in the past few years that Dupont hasn't trashed at one time or another. It's gotten worse than tiresome. "Too much Sunrise," anyone?

The best example of Dupont's attitude was a piece he wrote a few years back about his most memorable experience as a writer. He didn't write about a great game or a fantastic performance, but about Harry Sinden rampaging through the old Garden on his way to send some poor cowering schmoe to hockey Siberia. That was his most memorable experience?

Granted, serious, sad stuff happens, but bottom line, sports is supposed to be fun. I get that sense of joy from writers like Leigh Montville, or Joe Posnanski. I don't get it from Dupont - from him I get sourness and snark and Hey you kids get off my lawn. So I don't bother reading anymore.
He should have asked you what his favorite memory should be.

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