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Originally Posted by CN_paladin View Post
According to a Forbes article, the Molson family had to borrow nearly 300 M from Desjardins to buy the Canadiens in 2009 and that the Habs got $53 million on $163 million of revenue in its last full season in 2008.

I wonder what's the interest payment on that 300M loan...Molsons is also taking a huge one for the team of owners here.
I would guess that the Habs profit barely covers his interest payments and taxes, and that his profits come from the increased value of the team and the Bell Center. Don't forget he also bought the Bell Center with the Habs. That's a huge moneymaker right there in normal times.

Overall though, you're right, Geoff Molson is screwed by the lockout. Aside from the things you mention, the other factor is that if there is no season he is going to be denied a top-5 draft pick he would get from a season, and thus lose out on tens of millions of dollars in playoff revenue in years to come.

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