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10-26-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
i owned a 2.7L Intrepid. Gave it away for a Tim's coffee after the second engine went. You could change the engine oil daily and it would have been the same piece of engineered garbage.

What's your age group . After all these years of driving I have known Regal owners to be just above Buick Century owners as most likely to be above 60 years old. i.e most likely to respect car maintenance.
I just turned 25.

The Intrepid has 166,000km, it was my mom's car, now it's pretty much the family 'beater' car. We almost sold it last winter because we thought it had finally died... but no, just needed a crankshaft position sensor.

Actually, there are a lot of 2.7L's with high mileage out there, you would be very surprised.

The Regal, although usually looks sedate.. mine is blacked out, rims, tails, headlights, modified exhaust, engine, intake, etc. It looks and sound more like the buicks from the 1980's than a new model 'Century'..

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