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10-26-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
I just turned 25.

The Intrepid has 166,000km, it was my mom's car, now it's pretty much the family 'beater' car. We almost sold it last winter because we thought it had finally died... but no, just needed a crankshaft position sensor.

Actually, there are a lot of 2.7L's with high mileage out there, you would be very surprised.

The Regal, although usually looks sedate.. mine is blacked out, rims, tails, headlights, modified exhaust, engine, intake, etc. It looks and sound more like the buicks from the 1980's than a new model 'Century'..
If you go to and look at the worst vehicles of all time, the Intrepids with the 2.7L engine are all there. If you look at the worst engine failure complaints I lived through that... despite good oil maintenance habits.

This is why I am fascinated by the oil change discussion. I have owned the 1998 Intrepid which just had a poorly engineered engine which quit despite fresh oil. / Needed a new engine twice.

Then there is my brother, who is tight with the money to say the least, and he buys new cars and runs them to end-of-life while NEVER CHANGING THE OIL. He laughs that he "tops it up once in a while" but to my knowledge has never had an engine failure in all his years of car ownership (he's much older than I am at 59). I know that poor maintenance can lead to horsepower loss but does anyone care that their 10 year old car loses 20 ponies.

It has me thinking about how big a racket the lube business is and whether I should just run my cars to the ground and save money.

So in the car engineering vs car care argument I don't think it's a slam dunk. My brother vs. my Intrepid is always on my mind.

Having said that I maintain my oil schedule and call it a good investment.

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