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10-27-2012, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Felix60 View Post
While we're on the topic of oil change...

I've been wondering; my car is set to have an oil change at 110 000 KM (currently at 109 500) but just under the little sticker they put on your windshield, it's written September 2012. Now, it was there before I bought the car (August) so it means it is a date to change the oil, not the date the oil change has been made... So my question is; do I have to change my oil strictly because of the date? It sounds stupid to me, but it doesn't hurt to ask I guess .
Never a bad idea to change the oil. I watched it come out a few times where it still looked new, but there was all the little pieces of crap that get in there. Good idea to get them out of the engine.

The date is just a 3mo/5000KM thing.

It is the best $20-30 you will spend on your car every 90days.

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