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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Ed Belfour was traded for Terreri, Dahlen and Michal Sykora.

Roy (along with Keane) was traded for Thibault, Rucinsky and Kovalenko.

Giguere was traded for Toskala and Blake.

Khabibulin was traded for Johnson, Mara and Zainullin.

There is your market. You midaswell bring it down even lower considering Lu's contract.


The goalie market is weak because of the opposite - they are not a rare commodity, they have the biggest surplus in the league. And no, Luongo is not even close to the 'one of the best of all-time.'
Clearly you don't understand 'markets'. Comparing goalie trades - or any trade- to ones that happened pre-lockout (04/05) aren't comparable. They were different times. It was a different league. Not to mention it was 8+ yrs ago.

Giguere is the only goalie who you say is 'elite' that was traded in last few yrs. Unfortunately, he was not elite at the time he was traded. He was 3 yrs removed from respectable #'s and told the media "I'd rather retire than be a backup". He would bring the equivalent value if the Oilers traded Khabilbulin today - which we all know is nothing.

There is no chance that there will ever be a surplus of goalies on the market. Technically, there are only 2 goalie positions on each team. That is the smallest # of roster spots for any position in the league. So by #'s alone, it's not ever going to be possible. When you filter the # of high end goalies from the already small sample size - 'impossible' is my answer.

If high end goalies are traded frequently in the last few yrs, how come you can't provide a list of them? Waiting...... waiting.....

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