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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
...of course they do Pepper, however, in failing to address the fundamental issue's with long-term solutions their simply putting bandages on the problems, pretty much guaranteeing a return to 04 & 2012 in 2017 or 18, 2024 & so on. Refuse to discuss such matters with the NHLPA. In many respects Im actually sympathetic to the owners perspective, as its "questionable" just how much influence any labour union should be given with respect to business operations, the rights of self determination etc. Tactically, I believe the NHL has erred, failed miserably in its entire approach, on the ice, at the boardroom table. Neither Bettman nor Fehr are visionaries, and as such, Im expecting a long stoppage, positions entrenched, eventually being ordered back to the table by the NLRB with arbitration after pressures are exerted from Washington to Ottawa.
This is the problem. No one can tell the NHL they aren't allowed to lock out players to fix their perceived issues but they are foolish and being hard-headed to do it so often and needing rollbacks every 7 years. This is 3 lockouts in 18 years. What league can build a good rep off of this? Yes Bettman didn't create or dream up expansion but it seems the insistence on "growing the game" has come at the expense of At that rate, we'll be back doing the same circus in 6 or 7 years when players are getting "too much" of the pie and/or more small markets are being handcuffed and crying poor. If that's the case again, there are clearly too many suffering franchises. No league can be that healthy when 1/3 of its 30 teams are one or two bad years away from being sold, nearly bankrupt or at the very least putting up major losses.

And Bettman gets paid to do the owners bidding but maybe it's time there was a commissioner more worried about preventing lockouts than one whose job it seems is to win them. The NHL is not only the major league with the least interest of the "Big Four" in the US, it's the one with the most labour strife, the shakiest stability and the smallest revenues. Yes they have grown over the years but a lot of that is Canadian-driven and the Sunbelt effort to grow the game has barely made any money for the NHL aside from the expansion fees. They'll point to the fanbases and the kids who take up the sport but is that really enough justification for putting the fans through hell every 7-10 years? Not for me. Sunbelt expansion hasn't done nearly as much good for the game as they said it would.

Unfortunately the NHL owners happen to be more bullish on CBAs than other leagues not because of who they are but because these guys have a lot more to lose off failing to get the upper hand than the NFL, NBA or MLB. It's a thin line between breaking even and losing money in the NHL. And the easiest way to get that money and security back for Bettman's BOG is to take it from the players. They make for easy pariahs. But of course with Fehr they prepared themselves for this sort of butting heads. Instead of taking an early deal and agreeing to it with the mindset that the last few worked out so well for them, they've gone all in for a battle. And that gets them what they're involved with now. Mind you, I understand not agreeing to the 50/50 stuff because in their mind, the owners will get greedy and come back in 7 years looking to ensure profits with another rollback, claiming their league is in peril without it. Seems like as natural a cycle as the weather.

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