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10-27-2012, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Taelin View Post
Which is why he said likely.
Come on. Likely is not a word I would use to describe anything about the CBA. Let's be real here.

Originally Posted by schism View Post
What he said is fact, what you said is your opinion. Guess which one is actually legitimate?
One of them has little relevance to approaching the preposition, the other does.

It is akin to using an exogenous variable instead of an endogenous variable.

Know how I know you cheer for team that isn't a contender?
And this is relevant because?

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
If... if... as in the 60m proposed cap in the tabled CBA.
Once again, you seem to be arguing on fabricated assumptions.

"unsustainable to the health of the fiscal position of teams" --> Meaning what exactly? Please elaborate.
Locking down players to long-term guaranteed contracts that are valued upwards of $150 million dollars is pretty unsustainable for a lower-tier professional league.

Cap irrelevant... Gillis and Gilman structured this deal specifically to gain a cap advantage... Hmmm... Something doesn't add up here. It seems it's not only fans that place value on cap-hits, but also GMs.
Gaining a cap advantage is irrelevant when the cap continues to increase by 10% annually. Since Luongo was signed the salary cap has increased over $24 million dollars.

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