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10-27-2012, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
I also have 2 case of beer, had a bottle of bourbon (may need another liquor store run), handle of gin, tonic, limes,....I'm set
You're awesome.

Personally when these storms are this far out, I view it like a golf course, the safest place is right in the middle of the green where people are aiming. Sure, it's projected to come RIGHT over us, but they more often dont go "right over" where they think they will 4 days out.

Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
I have a flight on Tuesday. Should I just wait and see or change that **** already? I HAVE to be in NM on Wednesday, but what if I change it to Wed and the storm is delayed and and hits later than expected? ****ing cluster****, this.
Dude, change that thing!!!!

I'm hopeful this wont hit us, but it's SO gigantic that there's zero chance that flight wont be impacted.

Put it this way, of the 30 current model runs (below) there's only 3 I see that wouldn't impact your flight. So there's a 10% chance you wouldn't be affected, right? Nope, it's actually even less, because those 3 runs are the outliers. lol

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