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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
people who are willing to walk at the speed of google estimates are not the target audience of an NHL team.

And how many upper-middle-class to wealthy people in southern ontario are willing to either drive to a GO station from home or walk/subway to a go station from work, take a train, and then walk another 10-20 minutes?

if current infrastructure stays as it is, a team at copps would be pretty much entirely reliant on drivers. That only/kinda/works in one city in the league, Ottawa, and sens fans ***** about it every game.
Many of them do that to go to Toronto every day.

That makes absolutely no sense: Hamilton's arena is in the exact centre of town and is passed by every single bus that goes down there. Ottawa's arena is on the outskirts of town near absolutely nothing. Like I said: It's a 15 minute walk to Copps from the station. It's a fifteen minute drive from Ottawa's downtown to Scotiabank place; they're not at all alike.

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