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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
And to further elaborate on the list of 'top goalies' traded recently:

The fact that there is a salary cap now actually favours the trade value of the goalies pre-lockout. In other words, because of Luongo's high contract comparatively to other goalies; it is more likely he will receive less value than the ones I listed because of less demand.

That is of course, if you take these preconditions seriously; which the above highlights is kind of pointless in this exercise.

Secondly, if you hold that the assumption that goalie trades pre-cap and post-cap are not comparative for X reason; why has low values among goalie trades remained consistent/stable despite the cap being put in place? The very fact that the goalie market has retained its low value throughout the installation of the cap suggests that these trades are indeed comparable because the 'dynamics' as you like to call it have not significantly been altered.

Now, unless you are willing to argue that the 'dynamics' have in fact been significantly changed and the market value of goalies has gone up after the cap then your argument holds absolutely no weight. I also suggest you do not do that; because it has been well-documented that the goalie market is indeed weak.

Ok, I understand now. You don't have a clue how businesses or markets work.

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