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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
If Bettman did such a good job he wouldn't need to fix his poop he made from the last CBA
Dunno about you, his plan got players more money, owners more money too. Now he's so good at it he's gonna do it again. Is it right? Maybe not, but if a lawyer defending a murderer and being so good at it the guy goes free, does it make him 'incompetent'? I'm not saying owners are evil, but for those who think that, think of the context, Bettman broke down the NHLPA and was also more professional than any of the any previous leaders. Hmm, seems like people are mad he's too good at what he does. Bettman is a very smart man, denying that is just people being mad. Is he good for the game? that's another discussion, revenues grew under his tenure, owners like him and players hate him. I think he's doing the job just fine.

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