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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
And what claim is that; that the majority of teams are not interested in acquiring Luongo? Because that has substantial basis in reality. It is the biggest reason most of the 'rumours' about a Luongo trade keep coming from the same sources, and the same teams.
There has been almost no information regarding how many teams are interested from legitimate sources.

It is exogenous because it does not actually prove the assertion one way or another. It basically had no relevance; it has nothing to do with whether I 'agree' with it or not.
No, you just disagree with the inference.

The sole purpose of signing a cap-circumvention contract is to gain a competitive advantage. Why do you think Kovalchuk's contract was such a big issue? The renegotiated contract pays essentially the same amount in less years, which is a worse deal in terms of dollars for the team and the market. It wasn't denied because of the total dollar value of the contract. It was because New Jersey was trying to gain a competitive advantage by circumventing the cap. This is the logical inference.

This is relevant as long as Luongo's contract is being questioned. You can only think this is irrelevant if you think cap hit doesn't impact trade value, which leads to the next wonderful gem...
Gaining a cap advantage is irrelevant when the cap continues to increase by 10% annually.
For a contending team, a cap advantage is relevant every single year.

Please point to where I have stated Luongo has a bad contract. You won't find it. I have only stated that Luongo's contract makes him unattractive to many teams; which it does.
Please, have some intellectual honesty. I was going to use your quotes to demonstrate the point, but there's a better way. Do you think that Luongo has a bad contract? If no, then do you really think GM's don't get this? If yes, then why do you lack the backbone to take responsibility for your position?

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