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10-27-2012, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
1. You don't have any ideas.
2. You don't have any contacts within the NHL or NHLPA.
3. You don't realize that a creative idea isn't necessary or helpful here. There is one question here: how much money will owners pay to players? The RS question is a side tangent, so maybe two questions, tops. Dressing up whatever the figure is in creative ways actually probably hurts negotiations, because it obfuscates what the real math is. This is simply a test of wills, not of ideas. And if the players were rational economic actors, they'd have lost that test by now.
I do have ideas but that is not my expertise. I can get an audience with the entities involved. Do I have contacts? No but I have learned that helps but is not that important. It is all how you present yourself.
You have a good idea and that is what I'm looking for getting to the nuts of it all but I don't want a bunch of misplaced ideas I want a team of people asking for these ideas in an organized way and turning them into working ideas.
The big thing I'm betting on is I can get steam and neither party wants to look bad in the press.
In PR it is funny how many people lack confidence and how much gets done with a well written letter/phone call and confidence.
A good deal neither party will like but will live with.

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