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10-27-2012, 02:15 AM
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I don't know how people can say Bettman is doing a good job. He is the only commissioner ever to cancel an entire season, he got the exact deal he wanted. The cap linked to revenues was his dream. He then spent 6 years lying to us all telling us that all the markets are in amazing shape and the league has never been better, meanwhile it was showing games on the outdoor life network. So he finally gets his big tv deal and lets be honest it's a total joke compared to the other pro sports leagues. The teams can pay one second line center with the tv money they get from NBC while other sports owners can pay a big chunk of their payroll with it. He has a team down in Phoenix that hasn't had an owner for how long? That is costing all his owners money to prop up, he has all these other markets losing money under his dream system, the sport is barely covered in most markets and viewed as a niche joke league, for a lot of reasons he's responsible for.

If he thinks ''thank you fans'' is going to be enough to get us back this time he'd dead wrong. This is simply insulting and going way too far this time around. He and the players are doing some serious damage to the league right now.

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